A rant of sorts.

Today the local petrol station ran out of permium fuel. When I went to another station I realized why.

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Everyone is buying 92 octane. As I waited in line at the other station I saw hoards of Nissan Versas and Tsurus being fed 92 octane. WHY? The whole point of naturally aspirated engines at high altitude is that you could feed it like -10 octane and not even worry about knock. Regular gas is 87 octane here BTW.

Admitedly, the 12-14 PSI of boost my car has is not a lot, but being a twin turbo setup I don’t wanna risk triggering the knock sensors and suffering from worse fuel economy, so I’ve always fed Premium to it, and most turbocharged cars demand premium fuel.


The other day I saw an Audi A4 owner getting regular and it's quite strange considering that, according to Motortrend, it runs at 21PSI!

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