A Rare Three-Letter Car

This appeared at one of the local lots a few days ago:

It’s a 1990 and yes, it’s right-hand drive! The sales guy knows absolutely nothing about it other than how much they want for it. He said other enthusiasts have told him it’s mostly stock. Somehow, I doubt that.


From the outside I could see aftermarket wheels, an aftermarket exhaust, a tuner, an aftermarket stereo, and an aftermarket steering wheel. The dash is delaminating in several places, but the seats aren’t too bad. It has replacement carpet.

He handed me the keys to start it up, but the battery was dead. Another red flag in my book.


He couldn’t figure out how to open the hood, so I wasn’t able to assess the condition of the engine or what mods might be in place. After it refused to start, he decided to usher me out of there. No sense trying to sell a broken car, I guess.


The price? “The price has just been reduced to $45,000, so it won’t be here long!”

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