Last night’s sale shenanigans didn’t hold me down for too long, because I’m super excited for my new work commuter!

(Disclaimer: I picked this one up before the daily smart’s brake pads decided to get more intimate with the rotor surfaces. In fact, the brakes started scrubbing a few miles before I got to the U-Haul place to drop the trailer off.) 

As previously reported, I’m trying to offload my Chinesium in favour of Japanese metal. And since I’m moving to Chicago soon, I really don’t need my work commuter bike to have a whole ton of power. I don’t need to have a 250 size scooter to get around roads that never surpass 30 mph. So I decided to get something a little funky.

Unfortunately for me, the Sym Symba was sold before I could get to it. Instead, I found something a bit more...unique?

Did you know the Honda Super Cub is the best selling vehicle of all time, not even including its derivatives? What if I told you another Japanese manufacturer tried to capitalize on the Cub’s success and instead ended up with a far more rare motorbike?


That’s exactly what this Yamaha U7E is. Based on my research thus far, this cute thing was only made for a single year in 1972 and Yamaha didn’t sell many of them.

It was purchased new in 1972 then sold in 1976 to the owner I would buy it from. Yep, he’s only the second owner!


This little motorbike taught an entire few generations of the same family how to ride motorcycles. Everyone in the family learned to ride on this little 70cc smoker. As the owner got older he rode it less and less, eventually letting it sit unused in his garage. He had the mechanicals and rubber restored in late 2014 (with the documents to prove it coming with the bike) and as of currently it just needs a new throttle cable, carb, and battery to run and ride. The body and paint are in original condition and are free of dents, cracks, and mostly free of rust. It’s not concours quality but I don’t care, this little thing has a delightful history!

It was last registered in 86, but apparently was ridden frequently up until it was stored in recent years.


He then somehow found someone scrapping one and bought boxes of spare parts. Looking through the boxes, there’s a front fender (yay!), a second left mirror (I mounted it to the right side for safety, I didn’t want the straps to slip off), a new parking light thing, tray, chain guards, side panels, rear shocks, brakes, trim pieces, switchgear, wiring harness, an extra ignition cylinder with key, you name it. The first issued license plate from 1972 also came in the box of parts. 

Also coming with it is the title (and this one’s legit unlike that last two stroke I learned a lesson with), parts list (!!), service manual, and receipts for every service this thing has ever had under the person I bought it from.


He said it was bittersweet to see it go, but he’d rather have it go to someone who will love it for another 40+ years than let it sit in his garage unused. I’m super excited for this one and will be adding it to my personal “I don’t want to ever sell this” collection alongside the likes of my GL1100 and my GS. I’ve never had a full parts list and a full service manual before! It’s about time.


And yes, at this point I’m seriously considering getting myself a tiny foldable trailer. ;)