I found this on a CD-R today. For those who don't know, Starfox 2 was never released because the world's eyes could not handle another 3D game on the SNES. I do remember that my brother put this game on the school's computers when I was in 10th grade and it became something of a fad. The school's IT department is not very competent. Like, really incompetent.

I got a big soft spot for this series, even though I've only played a couple. My older brothers were/are gameafficianadi and I used to hear whispers about this game. I heard shipments were destroyed. I heard it caused blindness and fear in the player. I heard someone tried to steal it. Then, one day in 2004, my brothers got ahold of a bootleg copy, traded amongst collectors like VHS copies of the Star Wars Holiday Special. I really don't remember if they liked it or not, but I'll let the fact that it spent a decade in the glovebox of a BMW speak for itself. I was always kinda curious about it, but not enough to seek it out. My brothers didn't like talking games with me.

Actually playing it, it's surprisingly modern compared to it's N64 replacement. As I said before, it's 3D on the SNES, mixed with 16-bit sprites. It looks extremely bare bones compared to the N64, and downright abstract today. It's far more playable than it's predecessor, with a consistent frame rate and hit-detection. Instead of being in rails, you can fly any which way in air battles or do...this


Yeahhhh...I don't know what the fuck that's supposed to be.

Most interesting is the fact that the game is in real time and there's no set path to follow. You're supposed to defend EarthCorneria from the evil Andross by destroying his bases and intercepting his missiles. Also, you have to deal with a rival team called StarWolf that wants to cut in on your action. The missiles and fighters can still attack Corneria while you're in a level, which means you need to plan your moves wisely. If Corneria takes too much damage, game over. It can be as long or short as you'd like.


Even though the graphics are dated on arrival, the plot's nothing original, and the characters have all the depth of onion paper, it's...engaging. Perhaps it's just the mystique around the game, but I think this is a damn good game. It's a shame it's never been released officially. Hopefully Nintendo will put this on the Wii U VC.

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