So, next weekend - Memorial Day weekend - a few friends and I are road tripping from NYC, to a friend’s place in Cape Cod, MA. After analyzing all our choices, renting a car [read: large SUV] is our cheapest (and most fun) option. Being the car lover of the group, I jumped on the opportunity to pick & drive the vehicle. Here’s where the dilemma comes in.

Originally, we’d rented a Suburban from Enterprise in Manhattan for $997 Fri-Mon. BUT, I found a better deal.

Instead, I looked at WEEKLY rates from the Hertz at La Guardia [LGA is almost always the cheapest rental option, I’ve found] and found an ESCALADE [Or similar, could be a Navigator] for $686. The catch? I have to pick it up Tuesday and street park by my apartment for a few days, not a huge deal and saves us some good cash. Now, I’m assuming this isn’t the ESV version of the Caddy, but just the standard wheelbase model.

This morning, I decided to check Enterprises’ offerings at LGA. I found a Suburban [Or similar, could be Expedition XL] for $634. Cheaper, larger.

At any given time there will be 5 or 6 people in this truck, meaning we’re utilizing that 3rd row constantly. Some of us are tall, some are short, we’re all 20 somethings.


So, do I go for the Luxurious route, the Escalade with it’s 420 HP of V8 goodness, tech and lux’ed out inside for the most comfortable ride (for me), or do I instead go for the Suburban - Save a bit of money and get more cargo room & people room, but less luxury, tech and power.

P.S. I’m assuming that these vehicles are 2017 or 2018, judging by what I’ve read online and the fact that they’re major rental hubs.



6 People

4 days in Cape Cod (driving from NYC)

Cadillac Escalade [non ESV, I think] $686 or Chevy Suburban $634.




Oppo, only you know these struggles.

Help me Oppo one kenobi, you’re my only hope.\

EDIT: Going with the Suburban. Gonna keep a reservation open for escalade just in case (stupid me cancelled it already, and re-booked it but it’s 30 bucks more...) something happens - but the Sub is def the way to go for this many people and this much luggage. $100 fill ups HERE I COME.


Also, lol, have to figure out where to street park this thing at my apartment in long island city for a few days... it’ll be fun.