So I’m going to have to get rid of my beloved WRX wagon. I’ve had this car for the better part of five years, and have sneaked it pass the infamous shaken process three times. However, It’s come time for me to sell my beloved car. I’m getting out of the Navy, and part of the rules that will allow me to stay in Japan, is that I have to get rid of my car because it’s a special registration for military here under the Status of Forces agreement. So, for a quick recap, here is the first three parts of this I’ve wrote:

Part 1

Part II

Part III

So, I’ve got a week left in my decade long Naval career. Decided I cannot support the direction the organization is going, and it is high time for me to utilize my educational benefits. So I found a school in Tokyo that is accredited in the US, so I can continue my life here. Part of that is giving up my ride and my parking spot. So I’ve started the processes of selling a car, sweating things I don’t car about like getting the A/C to work. It’s hard to do because I’ve reflected on everything I’ve gone through when I’ve had this car. Two relationships, one marriage, a new family, a daughter. I’ve also reflected on the change in my Naval career, when I went from a careerist thinking of doing my 20, but deciding I want to go to school instead of spending my 3 years in shore duty in desolate Wallops Island, VA.

So, between my last build posts on the car. I enjoyed the car. I did two open track days. On the third, I blew the engine.... The culprit was a spun bearing which my tuner diagnosed as me over revving. I decided to scrap the stock EJ205, and install a V8 EJ207. For the uninitiated, the V8 is the engine used in the JDM Bugeye WRX STI. It comes from the factory with forged internals. My tuner decided based on my previous performance, to strengthen the head, and bearings. So on thanksgiving last year, I got the car back. Here is me on Christmas eve taking the car to the circuit, and here is my best run:

So I’m finally selling my car. Here is the last photos of the car: