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A Return to Shitposting

Hi Oppo! I haven’t been around at all lately, but I figured I’d update finally. Life is crazy, but I’ve been managing to excel since moving out.

I sold my MR2 in October of 2014, because it couldn’t keep up with my 40 mile daily commute, and I couldn’t provide it the attention it deserved. Despite that, I managed to sell it for a profit (Tavarish, notice me). Later, I discovered the new owner had made a block viewing window after turning up the boost on my CT27. In two years, I put about 18k miles on a new classic, so that was kind of cool. I still miss her.


For about a year, I drove a 2012 Golf, with a five speed manual. It’s a fantastic little car, and arguably the most responsible thing I’ve ever done. Since then, I’ve put about 27,000 miles on it. It’s fun to drive, and I was competitive at autocross, but it doesn’t ever try to kill me like the MR2 did. Too boring.

In December, I decided I wanted something faster, and purchased a 2007 Z06 with 20k miles. Surprised the family with it at Christmas, too. I’ll be having the exhaust valves/guides replaced soon, and probably buying some tires. Otherwise, nothing too crazy for now.

The car dominates at autocross- almost feels like cheating. Was faster than a new Viper around the course, by a pretty good margin.


How’ve you all been doing?

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