Sad news y’all. I went to go see a man about a horse tonight. Only this horse was a 1981 RX7 GSL, possibly one of my favorite cars in existence. Had original paperwork with it, owned by a rotor-head like myself, and carefully maintained for the years he’s had it. It seemed perfect, and for the price, I could hardly resist.

So I got in my car, drove an hour and a half to meet him, and was greeted with what seemed too good to be true. A 35 year old car that started, ran well, had hardly any rust, and still had the original window sticker, manuals, and receipts with it. The test drive was equally rewarding- it had a tight little shifter, a strong clutch, revved happily and scooted along as quickly as I was comfortable. The owner at this time wanted to show off just how happy to rev it was, so he took the driver seat and preceded to push it a little harder.

That’s when things started to all go to hell.


Quickly, what started as an enjoyable evening drive in somewhat of a hero car for me turned into an impromptu test and tune session. The car started to splutter a bit, so we pulled off for him to tinker with the carb a bit. It ran great for a little longer, and started to splutter once more. Then stumble. Then stall repeatedly. A half hour and 6 carb adjustments later, we made it back, I bid adieu, and took off home disappointed.

Despite being an alright car at a good price, I am finding that this one might be a bit too adventurous of a buy for someone with as little time as me. He seems like a great guy, and I wish him best of luck with the sale to someone with more time to tinker, but I don’t think this one was for me. A shame really, but the honest truth.