A Sad 911 Turbo

My First Post...

I knew I would eventually post something on here but I wasn't sure what. Then it hit me, I love Porsche's( as if it wasn't apparent by my name).As a Porsche fan(personally I don't yet think I'm ready to call myself an enthusiast or aficionado), I see it as my duty to talk about, take care of, and learn as much as I can about these wonderful cars. I've already have a minimal background on Porsche's: My Dad owning a '74 2.7L 911 and my uncle having a '78 2.7L 911 and a '85.5 2.5L 944 which will soon become my daily driver this upcoming spring. Whenever I see a classic Porsche still being driven on the road, be it a 911, 912, 914 you name it, I always get a sense of pure excitement and joy, knowing that the driver of that Porsche is someone who really appreciates it's design history, and really everything that makes it a Porsche. However, It does pain me greatly when I see something like this...


On my way to class and work weekly, I always noticed this red beauty sticking out of the corner of a local gas station regardless of the season and always asked myself "what's it doing there?". Today I finally decided to find out why. After my 11AM class, I drove to the gas staion on my way home to pick up a pack of gum, conveniently, the only spot open was the small space next to the 911; and it was there I would see how bad it's condition was.

Looking at the picture above, it's obvious that it's a 911 Turbo with its distinctive "whale-tail" and Design 90 wheels that still look brand new; not sure of the other side though. It's also apparent by the impact bumpers that it is most likely an 80s model. The 911 Turbo was an excellent machine when released back in '75. it's turbocharged flat-six engine pushing out 260hp and a top speed of around 160mph was very good for the time and still is a fast car by today's standards. From what I could see, which basically was what you can see in the photos, the body, around the front and rear wheel housings had rusted up, part of the rear lights had been broken, and the squared mirror housing on the same side had also broken off and was left dangling, only being held by the wires that probably powered the adjustable mirror.

Going inside to ask the guy at the register about it, as soon as I mentioned it he quickly informed me that it wasn't for sale. I had no intentions to by it, I just wanted to know more about it's condition and what was wrong with it. He told me it had been sitting there for years and to go see the mechanic in the room next door as it was apparently his. I walked into the garage where nothing was going on and found the mechanic I was looking for. A scruffy-looking man, who looked to be in his 50s, about a head shorter than my 5'10" height. I asked him about it, and like the cashier, he too told me it wasn't for sale; in fact, it wasn't even his, telling me that it belonged to a "customer" I calmly told him I was curious if it was still running despite its dilapidated state. as fast as he said it wasn't for sale he told me it didn't work anymore and walked away. "How rude", I thought to myself as I walked back to my car. It was very sad to back out of the station and away from that 911. If it were mine(but I'd never let one look that bad) I would tow it home and do whatever it takes to fix'er back up to the best condition possible but I suppose I'll just continue to drive past it every day, until the day it's "owner" comes back and rescue her, or god forbid it's sent to the scrap. Porsche's aren't meant to just sit around and wait until that one good day to drive it and in Michigan, where a bright, sunny day should be celebrated like a holiday, them stored for the winter; they're meant to be driven as fast and as long as possible. They're the happiest on the roads and that's where all of them, even this one, should be.


This is the end of my first ever post on here and I hope it was a good and worthwhile read. And if the "owner" of this 911 Turbo just so happens to see this, please rescue her, fix and take care of her, she doesn't deserve to be left stranded and abandoned in the corner of a gas station.

Edit: I was unaware of a couple previous posts pertaining to this particular 911 so here are links to the original posts that have been "re-found" by a friendly commentator, Ghost Dog, below. Do take a look at them!





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