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A sad car story.

Gather ‘round, children, for a story you’ve heard far too many times.

My coworker drives a manual Nissan Cube with only 54,000 miles on it. He’s a big car guy, but slowly grew quite fond of his rolling toaster which was only meant to be a temporary DD.


He let me drive it a while back. Somehow more fun than the manual Soul I drove, and it’s better than any of the hamster cars because of the CUBE PUBE. (No, the Soul is better, but I still liked it). The car was largely physically flawless.

Anywho, fastforward to this morning. He tells me he’s looking for a new car tomorrow. Oh? And then he told me the usual Squicky Lube horror story: he got his oil changed two weeks ago at a scuzzy local shop. He usually takes it to his guy, but he had to take his family on an unexpected road trip and needed service in a pinch. He lives in an apartment complex where you can’t work on your own car (pretty typical around here).

Two Fridays later, the engine starts knocking.

He opens the hood.

The oil cap is GONE.

Oil is everywhere, and Nissan and his own mechanic say he needs a new engine. What’s a new engine installed from Nissan on a little old Cube cost? TEN GRAND. He bought the whole car for 5.


Goes back to the shop. Owner gets a little surly, only after saying, “Oh! Maybe the cap is still around here somewhere...” So he’s contacted their corporate office, and Nissan corporate (because why not at this point), to weigh his options. Sounds as though the shop will offer him something, though probably not ten grand, I’d bet.

He’s going to be fine, but he’s currently trying to close on a house, his wife just had a kid, and now he’s out a car, and he can’t wait around for however long it takes to get a cash offer from the shop. Just sucks.

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