A series of hot takes

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  1. Tomatoes don’t belong on Ham/Cheeseburgers. The patty is warm, soft, and moist. You don’t add something cold, soft, and moist to that. You add things with texture. Like lettuce, onions, pickles etc.  
  2. If you’re under 40 years old. Running a half marathon is not an accomplishment. Also WTF do people want to run marathons? The first person who did was a professional messenger/runner and he died from it. And that was before sodas, McDonalds, and cigarettes.
  3. The GT-86/FR-S/BR-Z has enough power
  4. Whataburger>In-and-Out
  5. Leather interiors/seats are fucking stupid. I fail to see how they’re better than cloth in pretty much anyway.
  6. People with classic cars should run cats. Modern one’s hardly affect air flow and cost like $50
  7. Freshman and Sophomore level classes at four year universities are a fucking scam. Go to a community college then transfer. Also before we make a universities free, first we should just make CC free. Because it’s way better and then 4 year universities wouldn’t be able to scalp students if the majority of people went to CC first.
  8. We should have a sin tax on sodas (in America.) At least cigarettes don’t cause you to need medical treatment until you’re about to die. Obesity causes all kinds of shit until it kills you.

Well, that’s all for tonight.

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