So once upon a time there was this boy, er man. He's 18 so he still drives his dads old hand me down 2003 Dodge Intrepid that's gone through more parts than a junkyard. So he's pretty used to fixing various things on the old girl. Now although she isn't the most reliable form of transportation, he loves her a whole lot because he spends a lot of time driving/fixing/trying to make the darn thing work right.

So this man, we'll call him Pat, Pat goes to a doctor appointment in the middle of the day. No problem right? Well his car does what it does best and broke. Couldn't drive for more then a few hundred feet without the engine temp going through the roof. So no biggie just call the old man, he'll pick ya up you get it towed and on to the next one. Well you just got that text saying he's boarded that flight to Chicago so have a good day at school. Alright call mo- oh wait she was complaining about how she cant find her phone and she may or may not have a dentist appointment Pat can;t remember right now he's too busy trying not to freeze. If only he hadn't taken that bag of his snowboarding stuff out of the trunk yesterday. What about all of your friends, they like you enough to get you right? Except its 11:30. School ends at 2. Well there's no pizza at the stealership so might as well start counting up those pennies so you can buy a slice or two to try and salvage the day before calling a tow and, you charge that much for a slice??? OK a can of Arizona it is. Just drink it slow to stay in the heat.


In the end moma found that phone of hers and said she would come pick me up, and bring her credit card so we could pay triple A. Unfortunately between school, sports, work, sleep, and being a teenager there isn't enough time right now to fix that hunk of junk. So its in the shop. Hopefully it comes out alive, if not i may be looking a little closer at those NPOCPs. Ill just be over here crying for my car.

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