A Series of Unusual Opinions (12-16)

12. The G-Series 2.7 Carrera w/impact bumpers and ducktail is Porsche’s God-approved gift to the world, and there is no other 911 made after it that can compare (except the 964 RS/ RS America, maybe). Unashamed bias for my dream Parsh.


13. C3 Makovette is best Corvette

14.The 6th gen looks better than the 5th gen Camaro.


15. The Focus ST and/or Fiesta ST, one of them is/will be the SRT-4 Neon/Caliber of this era. How much will these be worth by the end of the decade? Really damn cheap, much cheaper than they are now and they’re cheap.

16. Of the current minority of V12s, I think they sond best in this order:

Aston Martin(especially when Zagato gets in on the fun), Lamborghini, then Ferrari.


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