36. The BMW 507 is the most beautiful roadster and I want one.

37. Most all YT supercar channels are the goddamn same or also terrible. My disliked YT car channels are as follows:

(Vehicle Virgins [personal experience with this one], Shmee150, Stradmann, MoVlogs, most supercar spotting-based channels, TJ Hunt, Salomondrin....There’s a trend here)


Amongst my favorites:

(Saabkyle04, Harry’s Garage, Smoking Tire, Carfection, Top Gear, DWA, YOUCAR, Doug, Engineering Explained, Jay Leno....)


38. The 200 Convertible....I don’t understand it, or it’s market. Or how I wasable to find such a nice picture of it.

39. The Astra OPC was the hot hatch we deserved before the Focus ST, and I still wish we had it.


40. The Bentayga is beautiful.