(Full Disclosure: I started Hormone Replacement Therapy yesterday and it appears the injection is kicking in full swing this morning. My emotions are off the charts and my brain is on point! So uhh. Sorry but not sorry?)

Just look at today's QOTD or really anywhere else on the Internet.

We ask (often beg) for automakers to bring over more quirky, oddball cars because looking at Corollas and Civics is boring. "BROWN MANUAL DIESEL WAGONS!" "MOAR WEIRD TINY JAPANESE CARS!" "MORE ODDBALLS!"

Copy & Paste any of the words we all try to live by.

So, automakers bring these cars over. Some of them (like the Prius, Volt, etc.) fill a populated segment and they fit the needs of these segments to the letter.


Other cars (the Nissan Cube, Juke, CrossCab, smart fortwo, Chevy SS, etc) exist in-part because we claim to want these weird and/or performance cars (automakers do pay attention to social media) and the automakers get a sense that "hey, this car just might sell!" Then they bring them over.

The next part is a real head-scratcher. Oddballs immediately get shot down (sorry CrossCab, Puma, smart, Cube) and enthusiast cars stay on lots because those who lusted over them can't even afford them (or are going to wait until they hit the used market). Sure, some of them are duds worldwide (the Scion iQ, for example), but many others enjoy healthy sales numbers in other countries.

What's even worse? Automakers often botch these product launches anyway. They'd much rather put some effort into selling their bread and butter than the cars people claim to want, but actually won't buy.


What motivation do automakers have to give us "different" cars if we're just going to hate on them or not even buy them?

I for one, like the crazy oddballs. I welcome the CrossCab, the Youabian Puma, the smart, even the freaking Chrysler PT and the Pontiac Aztec. These sort of cars break convention and they aren't afraid of being different. The world needs more crazy cars. We complain about endless seas of blandness, but do absolutely nothing to change that.

And who are we calling ourselves "enthusiasts" if we shoot down something just because it doesn't fit our preferences? I love ALL cars, even the ones I don't like. Because someone out there does love those cars. Somewhere out there, someone isn't able to sleep at night because they can't wait to drive their car in the morning. There's no way I can hate on that.


But, automakers aren't going to give us them unless we actually buy them!!

(End Rant: Again, my hormones and emotions are all battling for supremacy, if you think I've gone completely nuts, I'll understand. :D)