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A short film, and shorter ode to your car.

Most of us have seen the super scripted Ken Block Gymkhana's or the numerous amateur drift fails, but this video about some Lithuanian youths splits the difference. Granted it was posted while back, about a year ago (Shmoney dance), but it tells a pretty cool story of how one can develop a personality for a car beyond a hoonable tire-shredding machine, one that gains a soul and a backbone far beyond it's looks. That and it's some pretty quality footage by some pretty young kids.


On this vein, what is your car's story? We're not asking for Orlove length descriptions, but that same passion to fix a car that repeatedly breaks on you, that same fixation that a doll/action figure brings to a child, an intangible quality that makes you pine to be behind the wheel just driving again.

Follow up: it'd be really cool if one of y'all wanted to film your car year, it doesn't have to be ludicrously special, just well loved. I offer mediocre cameras and a drone, as well as high school video editing skills.

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