A short funny story from this (otherwise serious ) article

" When Olivier Panis had his accident in Montreal, race control cleared us to deploy. Sid and I had gloves on and were ready to go when we realised the car hadn't budged. Sid assumed there was a linguistic problem with our French-speaking driver. He told the driver, in an appropriately assertive way "We need to go!". A quizzical look came over the driver's face. "Now?", he asked, "in the middle of the race?" Sid hid his frustration well. "Yes old boy, there's been an accident we need to attend." Our driver, a lovely fellow named Pierre, stated the obvious – "But we don't know where the accident is!" At this point I heard the reassuring tones of Sid's angry voice "LET'S JUST DRIVE AROUND THE FUCKING CIRCUIT AND WE'LL PROBABLY FIND IT SOMEWHERE!") "