My desktop computer borked itself a couple weeks ago during a Windows 10 update. It’s probably fixable, but I don’t like it and took the opportunity to buy a cheap and somewhat powerful refurbished gaming computer (I’m not a gamer, just wanted something more powerful than I needed for once). The new tower will be here Tuesday, but until then I had to pull out my old asthmatic Toshiba laptop running Windows Vista, lol.

Anyway, it just hit me... I bought this computer 10 years ago, and a month after I bought it I started commenting on Off Topic/Oppo. I’ve been here nearly TEN YEARS. Holy crap.

I will probably write a long, sappy post about what Oppo means to me next month. Just know that you all are awesome and I love this place.

Here’s the pic that greeted me when I fired up the old laptop. I feel weird about my old 500 sometimes because I don’t really miss this car. It did nothing egregiously wrong during our time together, except for the stupid f’ing traction control that would turn itself back on if it decided it didn’t like what you were doing (GODDAMMIT I NEED THE WHEELS TO SPIN TO GET MOVING ON ICE YOU ASSHOLE). And it was fun in the twisties, even if it could have used 20-30 more hp; if you get one, get the turbo if you don’t get an Abarth. But I don’t have any longings about it like I’ve had with virtually every other car I have owned. But it was cute, and I did love the color.

Do you have a car in your history of ownership that you rarely think of and don’t really miss? I’m not talking about a bad experience, more like “I forgot I owned one of those. It was ok I guess. Anyway...”