I had a most Jalop encounter involving a true enthusiast and a gorgeous Alpina B10 wagon in Amsterdam last weekend. It was my first time in the city, and I had the good fortune of staying in a slightly out–of–the–way hostel which afforded me the opportunity to see more than the typical tourist stuff. I was going for a late night stroll when I spotted this across the canal:

However, this picture was taken later that night. When I crossed the canal and saw the car up close for the first time, it was covered in suds. The owner of the car, who was on the other side of it, then stood and greeted me.

Given that it was after midnight and about 35° outside, the last thing I expected to see was somebody hand–washing his car outside. In my surprise, the only thing I could blurt out as Mr. Alpina stared at me was "Uh, I love those wheels!" He proceeded to confirm that it was, in fact, a genuine Alpina.


We didn't exchange many words, but he was nice enough to let me admire at his car for a while before I went on my way. I returned the next morning hoping to get some non–potato pictures, but the car was gone, no doubt being driven as it was meant to be by a loving owner.