There’s not much happening at work today (I had a 11am call time if that tells you anything) so I decided to take part of E90M3's post about selling our first cars, and just going through my entire history. Hold on tight! Riveting shit coming up!

You know all my cars E90M3; but, for everyone else, I used to have this thing.. A 2000 Acura 3.2 TL with the worst/unreliableist transmission ever, although, pretty terrific as far as first cars go for a highschool student. I tended to be the driver for most trips with my friends just because the car was the most comfortable and.... my parent’s paid for gas (call me spoiled I suppose). It was my step-mom’s car first and she put around 70,000 miles on it, plus the trans. was replaced 1 time. Over the time I had it (it was up to 125k miles I think), it needed 2 more torque converters and other assorted goodies for the trans.

Look at dat style and monster truck ride height

I then donated the car to a family friend after the tornado in 2011 that destroyed a majority of Tuscaloosa, AL. The Acura almost got smashed by a large Oak tree, but survived. Really didn’t see the point in having 2 cars while in college; also, someone needed the car more than I did.

not my acura. but still, that was a crazy few weeks


Before I donated the Acura however, I purchased a 2004 WRX wagon.

V7 STI wheels str8 from Japan


Twas terrific, aside from oil leaks.


But it made 288AWHP/261AWTQ, so that was fun before I matured and got a 2012 Golf TDI... Which I’m selling to VW in the coming months.

Staring deep into the desert, and the environment of which it hurt.... #deepthoughts


Since I learned of the TDI scandal, I leased this too.. A 2015 BMW 328d sportswagon..for about half a year before having someone else assume the lease (payments were getting a bit much, also, the having 2 cars thing again didn’t work out)

The confident man’s car.


So for now I’ll be driving the Golf and riding this!

2014 WR250R


But, I need to decide what to get next. Any thoughts?