For some reason I have had this silly idea floating around in my head for a while now. Imagine a small company that makes replica cars for street use.

For example, imagine if someone wants to own a Jaguar C-X75. They didn’t really produce these, so there’s no possible way for a person to buy one. But imagine if a team of a few people - including the customer, could build a replica kit car of one, sans the badging. Depending on the country, the customer might have to be quite involved in the process to have it registered as a kit car, but by using a standard drive-train between different cars (e.g.: LS or small block Chevy), it would reduce the amount of time needed to build different cars. Want a LeMans style LMP? Sure, but it’ll come with that same drive train.

They could be built using a tube-steel chassis and fiberglass body panels formed from molds made by milling foam blocks to shape. In the interest of keeping it profitable, the company could do a small run of cars - say 5 of each kind, as each successive car should be faster/easier to produce once the kinks are worked out by doing the first. The interiors wouldn’t necessarily match the originals, but I think they could still be done decently.

Think of putting 5 Ken Imhoffs in a garage, and have them building kit cars for clientele that want something special. One guy to work on the frame, one to work on the drive-train, another on the interior, another on the body. Something like that. I wonder if such a shop could be profitable, even just for the folks working at it.

I know, it’s kind of a silly idea, but it’s one that keeps floating around in my head.