Finished attempting to correct the paint on the RX7's roof. Turned out pretty well.

Much aggressive yet careful wetsanding removed the failed layer of what I originally thought was blending from a long-ago hood respray, but decided while sanding to be rattle can silver to hide the sun damage to the original finish. 600 grit took care of bulk removal where thick enough (as in a few passes to get started, at most - these spots were rare), then 1000, 1500, and 2000 wet. Total was about 6 hours of wet sanding over a few days. This was followed up with compound, polish, and sealant/wax.

About 3/4 of the way done with the 1000grit failed material removal

The paint is in decent shape; there is plenty of clear coat remaining, but some areas are very sun damaged and the clear has just about totally failed; not much I can do about those parts. The sheet metal is also dinged up and has a couple creases; I knew about this beforehand and they aren’t as noticeable as I was afraid of with the new shine, which is good.

I have another shop light to hang in this corner of the garage but haven’t gotten around to it yet...

The problem now is that with this and the other correction I did, the roof and top of the rear quarters are now way shinier than the tops of the doors, fenders, and hood. Those parts aren’t badly oxidized (mostly cleared up with compound a while ago) but have a very fine orangepeel and a bunch of scratches. I think just 2000 wet, compound, and polish will take care of that fairly quickly and easily.


Oh and for those keeping track, the gas tank has been back in for a while now, I’ve just not had time to do the write-up on the whole process of making it Unrusty yet. Maybe this weekend.

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