Recently, I noticed that the motor in the Monte was running drastically worse than it had been, it hasn’t run “good” in quite some time.

So changed my plugs and wires. That didn’t help much. Then I ran a compression test on the engine, the offenders were cyl. 3 and 5.

Yep 0 PSI compression in both 3 and 5. So obviously a big problem. either bent valves, head gasket or holes in the pistons

I bought a new to me set of 882 casting heads off craigslist, not great heads, but better than what i have on it. Also had a good buddy (DeWayneV8) come over and port them. If i have to pop off the heads, might as well do a little upgrade.


at the end of day 1 had the accessories off, all the gaskets, solvents and items needs to rebuild the top end of the motor.


On day 2 we popped the head off of the driver side, knowing there was a problem with 3+5. And there it is, the head gasket it totally chowdered.

here you can see the mating area on the head. Total garbage. probably 7-8 thou off in places.


On the passenger side, things were even worse. there was slight crack in the gasket between 4 and 6 like on the drivers side AND look at piston number 6

note the chunk of piston missing and the exposed ring. strangely enough, this cylinder still had good compression when checked.


I’ve been wailing on this thing for about 12 years now, and it hasn’t run “right” for the past 2. Well with the short block completely knackered, it looks like I’m in the market for a new engine.

But this proves just how durable a small block chevy is.