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A small Citroen Update

And without photos because I’m lame. I took a quick dig at some things tonight. There was some padding glued to the floor and I scraped a good chunk of that out, so it makes life easier when I go to sandblast the interior.

I’m also trying to remove the roof. The roof actually bolts into place, and I removed all the bolts. It sits within a rubber gasket and the body forms almost a tray for holding it into place. The prior owner shored this up by using body wax to lock in the top gasket. And he used caulking on the bottom of the gasket. So the roof is really held tight in place. I’d prefer not to cut through the gasket/weatherstripping because I’m sure it is made of unobtanioum. But I think that’s the only way to get the roof out. I need to remove the roof so I can weld in replacement supports over the window in the cargo area (photos in prior posts.)


I’ll recruit a friend and/or the spousal unit to assist in tugging the roof off. Otherwise I’ll attack it with a knife.

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