A small introduction....

Good day sir’s and ladies!!

I figured I would compose a small introduction on Oppo and LaLD (the LaLD intro is being composed and posted a bit later), since I’ve been commenting on here for a while and plan on composing a lot more posts.

My name is Niko, I am 27 years old and I’m a car nut. I absolutely love cars, ever since I got my first toy car. Like a lot of you, I could already identify a lot of the cars on the road by the age of 10. Hell, starting high school, it was getting normal to get shouted at by the teachers for looking outside the window too much. Couldn’t help it, cars interested me a lot more than math, I guess.


As some of you might know already, I am from Holland, Europe. I am originally from Croatia (both parents are Croatian), but born and raised in The Netherlands.

I currently drive, as the name suggests, a Honda Integra dc2 Type R. Its my daily, my track toy, my long-haul trip car, my everything. Its in a great shape, needs a couple of things, has a bunch of upgrades, I love it. It does everything I need it to, and then some more.

I used to own a Miata NB, built for the track, but daily’d it also. Lovely cars, had some very bad luck with an engine swap and decided to sell it a year ago.

I plan on composing posts mostly covering adventures with the dc2 (trackdays, meetings, weird encounters etc), but I also plan on making random, weird posts (like everyone else, pretty much..:p).


Thnx for having me Oppo!!

Friendly greetings,


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