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The car is at my parents’ house and I won’t be back there until Friday, so here’s what I know so far (sans pictures).


The brakes are shot, the floor is almost missing, the rear wheels are visible through the trunk, it leaks oil, and most of the trim is currently scattered inside the car. However, it runs VERY well. When the seller started it up for us, we left it running for a good five minutes. No harsh vibration, no pulsating, no smoke, nothing. My dad says it shifts smoothly, too, but we didn’t actually drive it anywhere.

It has suspension from a BMW so it sits a bit low, which is cool. The bumpers are inside the car, but I’m still on the fence about installing them. It also has a spare timing gear, but the one on it is made of metal instead of fiber, so that’s going to be unnecessary for a while. Supposedly, it has enough stuff in the trunk to nearly rebuild the engine, but I haven’t dug through it yet.


My plans for the future: get it roadworthy, obviously, but then maybe some rally lights and a tow hook in the front (which is actually functional in this case: the tow truck bent the front bodywork because of where the current hook points are) and I’m on the fence about it, but I’d love to get some louvers on the back window. Other than that, maybe an upgraded intake and/or exhaust, and maaaaybe a Swedish flag on the hood.

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