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A presumed mugger was murdered today a few blocks away from our offices.

Apparently the assailant pulled out a revolver and threatened a motorist arriving to his home when a guard came out of the building and shot three times; Killing the assailant. Now... Is this a case of good guy with a gun?


I don’t think it is. But it’s not his fault. The guard was doing “his job” and as all armed guards in Mexico City belong to the police force’s private police, he is a police officer. Which means a cop killed a would be mugger today: not big news in a city with ninty thousand cops.

But lets imagine for a second what would’ve happened if the guard didn’t have a gun. His boss would’ve been mugged, but everyone would be alive.

Now, lets imagine the assailant didn’t have a gun. If the assailant didn’t have a gun, the guard would’ve drawn his weapon at the assailant, made him surrender, and everyone would be alive.

Now lets imagine the motorist had a gun. How would he protect himself? if you carry a gun in your car, it’s on a secure location, and you can’t draw it quickly enough. Had he tried to do so, the assailant would’ve murdered him.


Now, if no one had a gun, the guard could’ve still “done his job” by apprehending the assailant with a batoon or a taser, and everyone would’ve been alive.

I think the lesson here is that: Guns make everything more dangerous. Today someone died because they wanted to steal 300-400 dollars from someone else, and now, this cop will probably be promoted, and more importantly, he won’t even be trialed for excessive force.


Which again, in a guns out situation, is almost impossible to avoid using force. But that’s kind of the problem with guns. They makes violence almost inevitable.

Clearly the problem isn’t the lack of good guys with guns; Mexico city has twice as many cops as New York City despite having the same population. The problem is that because of the illegal arms trade, and our inability to control the flow of weapons across the American border, we have too many bad guys with guns.


Which means I could go get an illegal 1911 for as little as 1200 dollars in the capital. For that money you might be able to get four 1911 in the US. But in Canada or Germany getting an illegal gun is much harder, and the violent crime rates show it.

Is a life worth the 400 dollars the mugger could’ve gotten out of the businessman?

Is it OK that two out of three guns illegally imported to Mexico, and very probably the one the assailant wielded, come from the US?

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