"Every. Single. F#@&ing. Morning," you think as your right foot moves to the brake and left leg begins to work the clutch as traffic grinds to a halt. You're ten minutes from the office, but it'll take another hour to get there. So, here you are, going 16 mph in a 160 mph car because some drivers decide their commute is the most important and insist on cutting each other off and slowing everybody down, or worse getting into accidents.

There's nothing wrong with a vehicle making you grin like a jack-fool when you let it unwind on a vacant backroad, but daily driving a high-performance racing machine is either dangerous, or at best, just wasteful. Now, it's your money and left knee to waste, but don't we often lambast the truck owner who daily drives a vehicle capable of towing six thousand tons for buying a vehicle based on 1% of his driving needs. Don't we do the same with our sporty cars? How often during your daily drive to work are you coming out of turn three in second gear, pedal to the floor? More realistically, how often does your car get over 75 mph? Or require 0-60 of 7 second or lower? If your answer is "often," well, you're the poster child for my next point.


If you're racing and weaving through crowded traffic where everyone is just trying to get safely to their destinations, then you're a jackass. If you miss your turn and decide to share your inconvenience with everybody else by stopping in the middle of the road and cutting across at the last second, then you're an asshole. If you're the moron who passed me at warp speed in a shifty old BMW with stretched tires yesterday in the torrential rain, you're a menace and don't deserve a license. You're imposing your risk tolerance on everybody around you. You're causing accidents, slowing traffic, and generally making everyone else suffer because it thrills you. Of course, we all act like it's everybody else and we're saints. "Look at that jackass/asshole/moron" we say judgmentally, when we know damn well we do it too sometimes. Running late, bad day, innuendous text from your significant other, or just feeling a little rebellious, we all justify it, but it's never right.

The goal of commuting should be to get to work efficiently, safely, and in a way that doesn't inflict your idiocy on society at large. Buy a nice multidimensional vehicle (like a Focus ST), leave a little early for work, and drive responsibly and defensively. Save the hooning for quiet backroads or track days. This generally leads to lower fuel and maintenance costs, better insurance premiums, and better resale value in your vehicles when you decide to sell it. You'll also impose less risk and stress on yourself and others around you. Or you could choose a bum knee, being car poor, dying young, and never actually getting to unwind your beauty.

Full disclosure: I drive a manual. I have no problems with manuals. Oh, and I love fast cars, too.

Edit: A lot of people are pointing out that you don't need to have a fast car to drive like an idiot. This is very true. Yet, when it comes time to buy a car, you don't always need to go for the bigger engine or the performance model. Sometimes those things just cost you money and end up sitting in traffic just like the four-banger would. Also, I know distracted driving is more dangerous, but everybody already harps on that.

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