Drive what makes you happy.

Honestly, it really is that simple. We spend so much time these days researching and comparing. Watching 'experts' who have different tastes, backgrounds, and perspectives offer their opinions on a vehicle as if they can experience the car for us.

We cross-shop, seeking advice from others about the 'best' vehicle in a given class, something that always has and always will be subjective.

Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, a sedan, truck, wagon, or hatchback, whether it's from Japan, Germany or Korea.

Within reason, the same motto applies to modifying vehicles. As long as they are not so extreme as to endanger or or impede on the rights of others, go ahead and lift your truck. Stance your Civic. Or, your goal may be to keep your vehicle as showroom fresh and new looking as possible. It's not about how others see you, it's about enjoying and experiencing the vast landscape of the automotive world from your own, unique perspective.



My Versa, which every reviewer and Internet know-it-all seems to hate, and winner of spot number 5 on MSN's 'Ugliest vehicles of 2013' list. But it makes me happy.