It always amazes me that there are lions in North America. The thing is they are very very shy and do not like to be seen. They are however very common in north America, especially the rocky mountain west.

Wednesday evening my wife pointed out a dead deer (fawn) on the hillside across from our deck. We assumed it had frozen to death over the winter and was only recently exposed by the melting snow. It did not look like it had been dead for a while tho as it’s fur was all intact and it was not weathered like you would usually see with an animal that has been dead for several months.

This morning I took the dog out to go pee and there was a lion eating the fawn, approximately 100 feet from our kitchen. Sorry SR20 but it was too dark to take a picture anyway. Now our presumption is that the lion killed the fawn earlier in the week and stashed it on the hillside to come back later for snack time.

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