What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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A lovely Apache for yer time.

So I realized the other day it had been a LONG time since I had my transmission in the cruiser serviced..Too long, so to remedy this I called my usual mechanic and asked what it would run so I could decide if it would be worth it to do it myself or have him do it. He quoted me $150 for a flush but recommended I do a pan off and clean the screen for good measure...I’m at 302,000 miles after all...and that would run about $400. hmm. I called up the dealer just to see because frankly I think my regular guy is starting to charge dealer prices for not dealer service. I know some of his guys really know cruisers inside and out but I know they also hire quick lube types who’ve completely jacked up my brakes necessitating a complete brake system replacement...even when it is the good guys some of their work is a little sloppy too.


I called up the dealer and asked for a transmission service and they said $175 + tax. Then they added, “that includes a filter as well.”

“oh, thats a pan off with a filter?” I asked.

“Yes, or I guess in your case its not a filter its actually a screen.”

Thats actually correct, I thought, and a hell of a deal.

“So $175 plus tax for a pan off service plus screen?”

“thats correct.”

“okay, sign me up.”

I got there at my appointment time this morning and when they checked me in they asked what i was here for


“I have an appointment for a transmission service.”

“Okay, just so you know its going to be $175 plus tax”

“and thats pan off with the screen, correct?”

“I believe so, yes.”


* 2 hours later *

“all done, I had to make an adjustment to the bill because it takes so much fluid but I got it back down to $175 + tax”


Thats thoughtful I think to myself

*flipping through the invoice, sees “flush” but no pan service*

“so they didn’t take the pan off.”

“thats correct, with this service we don’t take the pan off.”

...long story short, many hard stares and explanations of what was promised vs what was delivered...


“...let me check with my service manager.”

*5 minutes later*

“sorry about the confusion, thats partly my fault (it was, he was the one who checked me in). Let me take care of that for you.”


“take care of?”

“no charge.”

I explained that I would be happy to pay them something. They DID do work and used material. He said it was on them.


On the one hand I think I knew deep down that $175 for a pan off was a little too cheap and that I kinda knew it was only priced for a flush.

On the other hand i gave them EVERY opportunity to correct this oversight on their part.


I don’t like to take advantage of people even when they make a mistake...but...at least now I can buy a replacement seatbelt I need because I didn’t spend ~$200 on a transmission service. So thats nice.

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