A Story About My Grandma

Crazy Kanuck’s story reminded me of this, and I thought I’d share.

My grandma is now 90. She started driving in her 40's after she suddenly became a single parent to my mom and aunt. My Grandma’s first car was a 1980's grey Toyota Corolla, new off the lot. She drove it until she crashed it a few years ago.


Her replacement was a mid 2000's Pontiac Wave. Keep in mind this was her second car ever and I honestly don’t know if she ever drove any other cars than her Corolla.

The first day she has it, she took it back to the dealership with a simple request “make it less peppy”. Unfortunately, this was a request the dealer wasn’t able to fulfill. She was not sure about driving this BEAST of a car, but eventually got used to it.

Recently, she rear ended someone and decided she was done driving, but she loved her two little cars.

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