No, this is not yet another post about snow tires and how you are wrong if you don’t use them in the winter. I’m not gonna get into that debate. This is just a funny story from this weekend.

So the place I’m staying at in Vermont has a steep driveway out to the roadway. Last time I came up, my one friend with a Lincoln Town car struggled to get up the hill but ended up being able to easily reverse out. I on the other hand had absolutely no trouble in my Miata and got up with one attempt and minimal tire slip.

This weekend the hostel I’m staying at was completely booked so there were a variety of people staying here. One guy came with his Infiniti G37 and all season tires. When he tried to go out to dinner, he could barely move on the level parts of the parking lot much less the hill part. He was so stranded that he actually got a tow truck in the morning!

Now I just find this story hilarious. Everyone else in the parking lot had AWD or FWD and had minimal trouble getting out. I of course had zero trouble yet again. But it’s not just the snow tires, having a manual and limited slip helps a ton in maintaining traction in that situation. But that guy in the G37 was just totally unprepared. When I asked him why he would come up to a place like Vermont without either snow tires or 4WD, he said “I didn’t think it would be this snowy”. It’s Vermont!! Of course it snows there..

Anyways, bringing the right tool for the job is always important. I presume his all season tires were higher performance ones that were not M+S rated and I sure hope he made it home alive. Since he left into the blizzard yesterday.