I'll also ask a question. But let me preface with: I drive an automatic, I've never driven a manual (but I want to!)

So last night, my fiancee and I wanted some filthy ass Big Macs (don't act like you don't ever get a hankering) and so I went over to McDonalds for the buy 1 get 1. I pulled into the drive-thru behind a beater of a Dodge Neon (I realize that's a bit redundant, but this thing was in seriously bad shape) and waited. The car in front of the Neon pulled forward, and the Neon did nothing, but I figured they were just looking at the menu and really I didn't mind either way. What happens next . . may shock you.

The Neon just keeps idling backwards. Brake. Idle back. Brake. Idle back. Finally I tap my horn because maybe she doesn't know I'm there or something (I was trying to rationalize here). She rolls down her window, and I roll down mine, and she tells me it's her second time driving a manual and asks if I can back up to give her some room so she doesn't hit my car. Okay . . . this seems reasonable, I guess . . . I'm thinking to myself, "I've never driven a manual but as far as I know, all she needs to do is put it into first which is, I thought, extremely easy, but who knows" and since there's no one behind me and I don't want her hitting my 3 week-old Focus, I back up.

I give her at least 8 feet of room. It doesn't matter. She keeps rocking back. Braking. Rocking back. At this point, I just want to go - I'm about to have an anxiety attack; I feel like impending doom is upon me. Unfortunately, a lady has pulled in behind me, but I only need to back up a few feet for me to pass the concrete island that separates the drive-thru from an exit lane. I roll down my window and motion for the lady to back up, she does, and I haul ass out of there, anxiety levels high as ever.

So now, my question: Was this person the worst driver in the world? I mean, I realize it was her second time, but isn't it EXTREMELY easy to just put a car in first and go forward? And really, if she can't even do that, maybe she should be practicing in an empty parking lot. Or just drive an automatic.