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A Strange Connection Indeed...

What does my fathers 1975 JPS Capri share in common with a late seveties Scania truck? Turns out, it’s the turbo.

The Garrett T04B5 that was put on the car by the previous owner after it was retired from racing duty turns out to have been sourced by May Turbos from a mid to late 70’s Scania 8 Series truck.



You can see it right there. There is no year listed on that page, but the turbo kit was put on right after the car was retired from the DTM, so I feel comfortable assuming it was a 1977 or 1978 Scania 8 Series. Who’da thunk it.


No wonder that snail is so damn big.


The turbo from this,

Now lives in this.


I’m not entirely sure why I find that so funny.

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