The only recent photo I have of my parents’ cars.

Earlier today, I made a post about an important automotive update involving me. However, that plan now includes my parents.

My dad’s Scion xB gets terrible gas mileage for such a little car, is pretty basic inside, and has had a few issues (surprising for a Toyota/Scion vehicle). As a result, he’s thought about getting something new.

I told my dad about the Stinger I “ordered”, and he was like “Under_Score, what are you doing? Those things are like $50,000; you and the RAV4 are expensive enough already, and the RAV4 is paid off. Like, please cancel this “order” of yours.” Like a good son, I canceled my order for the Stinger; there are enough Stingers on Oppo for me to enjoy.

“So Dad, do you wanna reach a compromise,” I texted. “The xB has had some issues, my sister/your daughter’s Rogue has over 100,000 miles now, and I want something different.” I could tell he was thinking on his end; I gave him some suggestions, and we both agreed on something incredible.


My dad is leasing two e-Golfs. I’m excited to the extent that I double-posted today.