Nearly all can be broken down into one of two subjects: unionize or “hey republican/conservative, stop and become progressive/socialist” examples:

Person: I wish I got paid more but I’m a high school drop out that can’t read

HN: unionize

Person: I have strep throat

HN: unionize

Person: I got fired for smoking crack while on the clock

HN: unionize

Person: I pay all my employees minimum wage so I can maximize my profits

HN: you should pay them at least double and then help them unionize

Person: I dropped my hamburger

HN: someone else should buy you a new one and then you should unionize

Person: I’m a hardcore republican

HN: stop, register as a democrat, donate to democratic politicians and causes, and then unionize

Person: I’m homeless

HN: unionize

Of course I’m mostly exaggerating. I appreciate the content the writers of GMG put out regardless of quality or my level of agreement. The various blogs and sub blogs have given me years of entertainment and knowledge.