A Tailgate Party Gone Wrong

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64 cars and vans were BBQ'd on the weekend at a Stunt Show.

Noyal-Pontivy, France - A Sunday afternoon watching a Motorcycle Stunt Show didn't go to plan when two male spectators aged 32 and 37 failed to put out their lunch in the carpark before the show.


Although there were no causalities, witnesses say the fire was very fast moving through dry freshly cut stubble. "Cars burned one after the other, we heard explosion after explosion". Some people were successful in getting their vehicles out of the field, but others were prevented by Police.

The Police said, "...this is a motorcycle show, there's always smoke. Then we saw the panicked crowd. We called the fire department [who were not required to be on standby for the event] immediately."


"Twenty police intervened. They had the good sense to control the crowd preventing them from recovering their cars, " said Sub-Prefect Bernard Le Menn. "Policemen were insulted, one was even hit." according to Captain Pascal Lhoutellier, Company Commander of Gendarmerie Pontivy.

At first spectators tried to put out the flames but the fire spread too fast. It took an hour and a half for forty firefighters using eight Fire Tenders to gain control of the fire.


Not only do they have to pay for the damage but the two men now face up to two years in prison.

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