I used up my last Fusion Proglide cartridge and instead of buying another pack of those I dropped some money on a cheap Chinese double-edge razor (was rated well on Amazon) since I didn’t want to spend significantly more on fancy brands along with a pack of Astra blades.

So far, I’m using the Chinesium blades included with my razor and the results have been great.

So much bullshit on the internet about how much more difficult it is shaving like this, and you need all this equipment, blah blah blah.


I did nick my upper lip and that little valley between my lower lip and chin the first time around, but since then it has been fine. Using a cheap Wilkinson brush and soap (both of which were rated somewhat mediocre on Amazon but work great for me) I’m able to get an incredibly close shave at a much lower cost over time.

The funny thing is, many people probably dump cartridge razors for the expense but will end up dumping their savings into nicer razors, brushes, soaps, etc. I think I’ve become one of those idiots since I just bought a nicer brush and a nicer soap (both unnecessary, since they were a few times more expensive than the $3 and $4 cost of the Wilkinson brand brush/soap). However, it turns out I do enjoy the whole process because I’m weird like that. I guess it really depends on how much face fungus you grow and how many cartridges you would normally go through.

The TL;DR: double-edge razor doubleplusgood, don’t believe the weird gatekeeping that surrounds this stuff.