America and Europe are two different places, right?


The Americans love Subarus, but not nearly as much as they love Hondas. They love Hondas so much they bought 1.5m of the things last year.

Honda were known for making smallish, reliable, economical, cleverly designed and built cars so we'd just love them in Europe wouldn't we? Er, no. Not any more. At one time the Civic was quite a big seller and the Accord was a common sight. The CRV arrived and that left forecourts fairly quickly too. But then it all went wrong. The Accord (which confusingly is a different beast to the American one, being what you'd call an Acura) has declined so much it's expected to be withdrawn in the near future. The Civic has been treated to a new 1.6 diesel and there's now a Tourer, or if you prefer a wagon/estate but it still doesn't sell in any number. Overall Honda sell about 140,000 in an EU market of about 12m, or rather less than Suzuki and Mazda. They're even outsold by Chevrolet, who are deader than a very dead thing.

Subaru sell so slowly they're lumped in with "other".

So what's the issue with these two? I guess they've just decided to make what sells in the North American market.


Meantime have a Civic Tourer. It may very well be a diesel one.