A Tale of Two Minis [updated]

My kids LOVE Legos, and so do I. For my birthday my wife got “me” the Mini Rally set and I only just got around to messing with it yesterday. The three of us put together the first bag of parts which produced this:


So then my wife comes home from dropping her car off at the dealer and lo and behold, what kind of loaner did they give her?

Just needs rally wheels, rally lights, roof rack with spares, and... oh yeah not to be a base model 2019 with an automatic.


The kids were amused to NO END. They also noticed “It’s not an S it’s just a Cooper!!” Impressive for ages 4 and 6 - or am I turning my kids into badge snobs?

I didn’t get to drive it (yet) but I will over the weekend. It’s a 2019 but looks exactly the same as the 2015 (maybe even 2014?) models. It has some kind of “idrive” or whatever that my wife doesn’t like.


Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly and our warranty (that expires tomorrow) covers whatever’s up with the other one.

Update, Good News! Dealer just called, bottom line The Internet was right, my google searching led me to believe we’d be getting a new radiator and in fact, we are. All covered under warranty, for one last time. Great! Until next time...

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