The search for a new car for the wife has come to a comparison between two cars, trying to see which one we’d rather pursue. The first is located here in town. It’s a 2011, so it’s the new body style, but it has 123,000 miles on it. The dealer has come down to $13,100 as their latest offer which they say would make my payments at $235 a month after the down payment. The van is in great shape and looking at it you would never guess it was higher mileage like that.

The other option we’ve found is a 2010, the previous generation. It’s just about the same price, but only has 108,000 miles on it. The downside is that the previous generation wasn’t quite as nice interior-wise and the tech is a little dated compared to the ’11. It’s also at a dealership 2 hours away, so actually getting to see it in person and test drive it would be difficult. From the pictures the dealer sent us, it doesn’t look to be in bad shape, but it doesn’t appear to be as clean as the ’11.


So my main question is this: would I be stupid going with the higher mileage one because it’s easier to get to and looks cleaner inside?

Other points:

- Both have clean Carfax’s

- The 2011 is a two-owner vehicle

- The 2010 is a one-owner vehicle

- The 2010 will be sold at a dealer auction next week if it’s not purchased beforehand.

- Both vehicles are the same EX-L trim level.

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