In late September, I retired my Galaxy S5 (I keep things a long time) and replaced it with a Pixel 3. Initially all was well, but after some time, I noticed the camera was getting very twitchy and snapped in and out of focus now and then. Over time, this got more frequent, and eventually it lost the ability to focus properly at all (I have complained about this in captions to some of my other posts on here).

Demonstrates the issue pretty well, and frankly makes me want to rub my eyes

Take a look at the picture above. While my kitchen floor may be dated, it is not in fact blurry. If you know much about optics/photography/focus it is clear that this is not how it should be (yes, the lens is clean). I think the whole lens is out of plane with the sensor.


After talking to a friend who bought the same phone about the same time as me, this is not normal at all - neither the twitchiness nor the blurry edges. The next morning I was in contact with Google support, and between showing them that photo and doing a screen-share to show the herky-jerky attempts to focus, they deemed my phone defective (I had tried many things to remedy it prior).

I will spare the lengthy details and interluding fighting, but a replacement was sent to me under warranty about a week ago. I have finally had time to activate it and set everything up this evening, and so far so good.

Same as above but I guess holding the camera a little further back since now we can see the fridge, bar stool, and dishwasher box that I really need to get rid of

Hopefully this one doesn’t suffer the same degeneration - only time will tell.


As an aside, prior to the Galaxy S5 I had a Motorola Droid Razr, which is a couple years older but I swear took better pictures than the S5 in anything outside of idea conditions. That S5 couldn’t handle anything short of a brightly lit room with a tripod.



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