A tale, told by an idiot.

Neighbor’s Porsche is red.
Neighbor’s Porsche is red.

This morning I picked up my bicycle from another tune up (rear rim was yawing something like 5mm) and because I’m a lazy asshole I took my jeep for the two mile trip to the bike shop: this was a mistake


After receiving my bike and loading it to my car I proceed to back out of the spot... My jeep has a lot of blindspots, so I was switching between the mirrors and the camera, I realized there was no one there and I began backing out, suddenly a pedestrian approaches my moving vehicle and is shocked I am in fact moving a vehicle. She stops centimeters away from my car and I spot her in my mirror and stomp on the brakes worried about her ignoring my moving vehicle.

She then looks at me, approaches to the window and says


“Sorry, ma’am”

“Im not angry I’m just tellin ya”

“It’s fine ma’am”

“Im not angry it’s just that I’m walking here you know”

She then stomps here way out of my path and I move worried she might try some dumb shit again.


Now... I am a pedestrian too sometimes, and worse, a cyclist... I don’t know if my family is wierd and I am the only person taught not to walk into the path of a moving vehicle... But she did have a point that I need to look out for people like her...

Not the worst thing... I was once flipped off and yelled by a dude who flat out crossed a three lane road while we had the green light.

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