Since my last few cars have been 4 cylinders and my current one is a 5, I think my only option is that all off my future cars must have the fewest marginal number of cylinders more than the previous one.

Next car- BMW with a straight six obviously, mayyyybe a Merc with a V6. But probably a BMW. Because now that I’m a Volvo driver, I can’t compromise my standards and drive a barbaric and uncouth V6 powered motor carriage.

Also worth noting a KIA Stinger could probably fill this role as well. Since hopefully I won’t be replacing the S40 anytime soon and by then Stingers will be cheap because they’ll depreciate like a S class out of warranty since nobody wants a nice KIA apparently.

Car after that- Gonna have to be a V8. Most likely would be American. Camaro or Mustang.

Car after that- V10. So probably like an Audi R8 or a Lambo Hurricane or whatever, assuming the engines in those are fairly reliable.

For the V12.... Really the only options here are Aston Martin and of course a 7 series or S-class.