When I pulled my bumper off to do that WONDERFUL zip-tie stitch job (watch out for snowbanks, kids) I noticed I had one horn mounted to the driver's side of the hood latch area, and one down in the lower driver's side behind the bumper, hidden by plastic panels and near the air intake resonator, that BIG WHITE THING:

I then decided to cut out my grille because it was ugly, and once I saw that single horn there, I HATCHED A PLAN. I finally carried through with that plan yesterday, removing the hidden horn and extending the wiring over to the opposite side of the one horn behind what was the grille. Mounted them a little closer together on the hood latch mount, and painted them a semi-gloss black, along with everything else visible back there.

I like it. Looks like fake ghetto Hella Horns on a Subaru, and I think since they're both in the open they're a tad bit louder too. Plus, symmetry is cool.