Still not as good as the proper Range Rover
Still not as good as the proper Range Rover

Hear me out.

In order for a car/truck/vehicle/whatever to win this imaginary award, it must be all of the following:

  • Fast
  • Comfortable
  • Off-road capable
  • Capable of towing over 7k lbs
  • Practical
  • Decent at cornering

I’m ignoring fuel economy, price, and reliability, because if those things are a problem for you then you should’ve worked harder, you lazy rube.


Let’s go through the items that the RRS s/c definitely satisfies. With over 500bhp and a 0-60 time of under 5 seconds, it’s fast. With a luxurious interior and air suspension, it’s comfortable. It’s a Range Rover, so while it’s no Wrangler it’s still very off-road capable, especially with some decent tires. It’s got a tow rating of 7716 lbs. It’s practical, with a big cargo area and fold-down rear seats.

The one item that is somewhat questionable is the cornering. While it is still an SUV, every review I’ve read has said that the RRS corners remarkably well for an SUV. Top Gear found that it was faster round Donnington than a Mini Cooper JCW.


I’ve been racking my mind, and I can’t think of any other vehicle that satisfies all of these requirements better than the Range Rover Sport Supercharged. And I don’t even like the thing all that much.

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