The other day at a show I came across another thing rarely never seen which is without something.

It’s a closeup of the engine from a Güldner G60 tractor. It’s an inline six as we can see.

What it doesn’t have is anything watery. No pipes, no radiator. It does have fins on the side of the block. We conclude then that it’s luftgekühlt and indeed though I don’t have a picture the other side has a housing running the length of the engine with a fan at the front so air can be blown over those fins.

It’s a beast of a thing with noise to match but for all its 4.7 litres it only produces 60 bhp. Only a couple of hundred were made so you’re unlikely to see another.

Güldner gave up the tractor business a couple of years after this was made which is hardly surprising with those production numbers and reverted to being Linde’s forklift business.