But it’s not my thing. Rather, my youngest brother turned 16 today (learner’s permit age in MA) and has received a 2005 Pathfinder as a gift, with a catch. My mom found it for half book value because it needs a new starter, fan, and cats.

The condition is, my brother has to get his first real job to pay for the parts, and me and my mom’s boyfriend will help him fix it in time to get his license. She has done something similar for all three of us older kids as we got our permits.


It has the 4.0 VQ, 3rd row, 174k miles, and... not much else to report. It’s a base model with lotsa blank buttons. The 4WD and power accessories all work fine and the interior is quite clean. Fun fact: instead of a telescoping wheel, Nissan fitted it with electrically adjusting pedals. Huh.

Not really my cuppa tea for a DD, and I personally feel like it’s too much vehicle for a first car. My mom agrees but says it was in the best condition of anything she looked at in the same price range.

She’s actually decided she likes it and is toying with the notion of keeping it for herself. If that ends up being the case she’ll help my brother pick out a car he wants to replace it.

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