The Prius C. It’s small, practical, rock solid reliable, and good on fuel. Sure, the driving experience is a bit, shall I say, dull. But honestly, it’s a commuter car. Who gives a shit? It’s not trying to be anything it isn’t.

The interior is a nice place to be too. I’ve always liked how Toyota has the gauges in the centre of the car on a lot of their small cars and the Prius range. The gearstick though is a bit gaudy.

In general, I don’t understand the hate for the Prius. Sure, some of the drivers are twats. But I don’t think that’s the car’s fault. I hate Lexus RX350 drivers, but I quite like the RX350. Same applies for the Prius and it’s siblings. They are all very good, very sensible, commuter cars. Nothing more, nothing less. I think people need to stop thinking that every car has to be a performance car. Not everyone wants a sports car. Some people just want a car that will get them from A to B comfortably and efficiently, and that’s just fine.